Magistrates’ and Municipal Courts

Let attorney Michael D. McMullen represent you in either Magistrates’ and Municipal Court to make sure your rights are protected.

Magistrates’ and Municipal Court Representation in South Carolina

Magistrates’ and municipal courts handle most criminal cases. These cases generally involve minor offenses, such as traffic violations and small possession charges. It is a belief by many, that such minor offenses result in insignificant consequences. Courts are filled with offenders handling these charges on their own, and unfortunately, the outcome often leads to results that have a long lasting impact. Whether you ever go in front of a judge or enter a courtroom, in South Carolina if you go to a window, pay your fine, and walk away–you just entered a plea of guilty, and that may not ever come off your record.

Before making a decision that could impact you forever, contact Michael D. McMullen. Michael has practiced criminal law as a prosecutor and a defense attorney for a total of 24 years. You can trust his advice.

Throughout Columbia, and the state of South Carolina, the outcomes in criminal cases tried in magistrates’ and municipal courts are varied. A fine, jail time, a criminal record, are all possible consequences.

All cases are handled personally by Michael D. McMullen. Enjoy the benefits of a speaking and working directly with an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney.

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