About Michael D. McMullen

Michael’s Background

Michael Dennis McMullen established this firm in 1998 and since then has helped hundreds of clients through criminal charges. It is what he always wanted to do.

Before that, he gained valuable experience as a prosecutor.

He has handled cases in virtually every county in the State of South Carolina, knows on a personal level almost every Solicitor, and a great many of the Judges in the State. He has developed relationships and a reputation for honesty and straightforwardness with many of those who work in law enforcement. This helps him give good advice and get good results.

Michael’s Life Experiences Set Him Apart

Some attorneys have never held other jobs. While there is nothing wrong with that, Michael knows what it means to put in a long days worth of physical labor. Michael has worked since he was 14 years old in all sorts of jobs. He has been a busboy, dishwasher, waiter, and cook. He worked taking looms apart in the summer heat in Greenville, SC. He has worked with customers as a clerk in a hardware store. In college and in law school, he worked as a bartender.

Between college and law school, Michael investigated complaints of employment discrimination, working for James Clyburn, who is now the third ranking member of congress.

Since becoming a lawyer, he has worked as an administrative hearing officer. He has served as a municipal court judge, conducting jury trials and bench trials, accepting pleas, hearing and deciding contested cases.

Reasons To Hire Michael


The McMullen Law Firm handles almost exclusively criminal defense cases.


Criminal Defense Law is not for part-timers. It is a complex area of the law that–to do it well–demands a lawyer’s full attention. Laws change or are amended. Court decisions change the law. An effective Criminal Defense Lawyer must keep up with these changes.


No lawyer can guarantee a result. To do so is unethical. What Michael does guarantee is zealous representation, putting the client first, and working to obtain the best possible outcome.


Further, Michael will always keep his clients informed of any developments in the case. He prefers telephone or in-person contact to e-mails and text messages.


Michael thinks outside the box.


When meeting a new client, he first listens. He asks questions. He gets to know them and the facts of their case.


He cares.


Michael never judges or criticizes those who come to him for help.


When you hire the McMullen Law Firm, you will always deal directly with Michael. He answers his own phone. There is never a filter between him and his client. When you have to be in court, Michael will be in court with you. He will be with you every step of the way.


Michael follows the Golden Rule. He handles his clients’ cases the way he would want an attorney to handle his.

Client Reviews

I have always been uneasy about lawyers. Michael changed that for me. At least I know he is a lawyer one can fully trust in. First, he returned my phone call right away. Secondly, he gave me all the advice that I needed right then and there. He probably has no idea how much he put my mind at ease. He was so kind and I am very grateful we found him. Michael is a wonderful lawyer and I highly recommend him to anyone.


I am grateful for my experience with Mr. McMullen. His approach and understanding of my case led to the best possible outcome. I highly recommend Michael to handle legal issues with excellent communication and strategy to reach the desired results. Thank you Michael.


Michael went above and beyond in our defense! He was always available to answer our questions and concerns and was able to get all 6 of our cases dismissed! Hopefully I’ll never have to use his services again, but if I ever find myself in need, he’ll be the first one I call!


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