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Let attorney Michael D. McMullen take care of any criminal defense situations and case you may find yourself in.

Criminal Defense Representation in Lexington, South Carolina: Immediate Action Matters

The McMullen Law Firm acknowledges that lots of people recognize the direct consequences of a criminal sentence, including jail time, penalties, probation, and a tarnished criminal record.

Do not leave your charges to chance, for also first-time offenders may be heavily punished by the solicitor’s office without a skilled criminal defense attorney to represent you.

If you have been apprehended or charged with a criminal offense in Lexington, there are several collateral consequences as well that may interrupt both your individual and expert life, including:

Loss or restriction of a professional license
Ineligibility for jury duty
Loss of voting rights
Inability to legally carry a firearm
Ineligibility for public funds including student loans or welfare benefits

Lexington, South Carolina

Originally, Lexington was established as a settlement to create a buffer between the Lowcountry colonial plantations and the Native American tribes to the west. Lexington had tremendous growth between 1990 and 2000, having a population increase of 198%. Of note, the “move over law”, a law that requires drivers to change lanes when there is a stopped emergency vehicle on the side of the road, originated in Lexington. All fifty states have passed a version of this legislation now.

Lexington Criminal Defense

Act Fast If You Are Charged with a Crime in Lexington

Many individuals do not totally recognize the severity or the seriousness of criminal fees. If you have been arrested or investigated about a crime, it is important to act swiftly. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can make a major difference in the ultimateresult of your case.

Apprehended for DUI or suspected of criminal activity? If you are potentially dealing with prison and other penalties do not wait to call us. Not with your future on the line. You require an experienced criminal defense lawyer that can get in front of this and offer a genuine defense.

Michael D. McMullen will take your case seriously, whatever the charges.

Passionate And Proactive Defense Representation

Any criminal charge has the potential to wreak havoc on your life. Besides the criminal penalties, a conviction can stop you from getting or maintaining a job. Additionally, a criminal accusation can harm your standing in your community. The quality of your lawyer can go a long way towards safeguarding you and your family from the unfavorable effects.

Your Justice Is Our Priority

A substantial part of our defense practice entails defending individuals in federal court. As quickly as you believe you are under investigation by the federal government, call XX. We have considerable experience defending individuals at both the grand jury and trial stages of a federal case. Whenever possible, we will certainly work to convince the government that charges are not warranted under the evidence.

Along with standing for individuals in trial, we additionally represent people in state and federal criminal allures.

Giving Your Side Of The Story

If you have been implicated of any type of criminal offense, the prosecutor has already heard the police’s version of events. It is very important that your attorney has the ability to present the facts in such a way that shows your side of the situation. Very often, with a complete image of what happened, the prosecutor will be persuaded to decrease or dismiss the charges. This is where The McMullen Law Firm stand out. Having developed solid relationships with prosecutors, judges and law enforcement agents across the state, Michael can ensure your voice is listened to loud and clear.

Criminal Defense Representation

Michael represents clients facing criminal charges and crimes throughout South Carolina…more specifically in these cites:



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