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The McMullen Law Firm Law can assist you with all facets of your DUI case, from reviewing all evidence of the case to fighting the charge in court if it leads to that. Michael D. McMullen has the experience and knowledge you need to win in Columbia.

Effects of a South Carolina DUI Conviction

There are various other repercussion to a drunk-driving sentence aside from fines and court costs. You might lose your South Carolina driver’s license for up to three months for a first-offense DUI and for longer durations for succeeding drunk driving convictions. If your job depends on having a valid driver’s license, your income could be in jeopardy. Additionally, the possibility of your insurance policy rates increasing is feasible.

There is possible harm to your credibility, as well as your job. Luckily, the McMullen Law Firm is able to beat possible DUI charges on a regular basis. You do have various options after getting arrested for a DUI. It’s possible to examine the proof against you, reduce your charges, work out a lighter sentence, or perhaps have your case dismissed.

Do not wait to have the experience of Michael start working with your case and ease your mind of the all the fears that you might be having, like will I loose my driver’s license? Will I end up in prison? Will I loose my job? Call to arrange a consultation today.

What Should I Anticipate When Facing a DUI Charge in Columbia

DUI offenses in South Carolina statutes are considered as misdemeanors. There are steep penalties though. Here’s what to anticipate after being arrested for a DUI:

  • Unless or up until you’re founded guilty of a DUI, you may still drive. You might require to meet specific requirements and obtain a temporary or provisional driver’s license. Yet if you refuse breath testing, your license will be suspended instantly unless you ask for an appeal and win the hearing with the Office of Motor Vehicle Hearings (OMVH) within 30 days of your apprehension date.
  • You must prepare yourself for the criminal justice process, beginning with the arraignment. This involves a judge reading your legal rights and the charges against you. You must likewise enter your plea at this time. Depending upon the circumstances of your situation, Michael may be able to negotiate the best possible result for your case and prevent a trial.
  • If you’re founded guilty of a DUI, you may need to pay $992 as much as $52,245 in fines and surcharges, spend 48 hours to 25 years in jail, have your license suspended up to 4 years, go through alcohol or drug education and treatment programs, do community service, have probation, and the permanent revocation of your license (4th and subsequent DUI), among others.
  • If you killed or injured another person when you committed your DUI, you will be charged with a felony as opposed to a misdemeanor. You will also face felony charges if it’s your fourth DUI offense, even if you did not hurt or kill anybody.

Fortunately, you do have the choice to combat a DUI charge. Allow Michael evaluate your case and determine the most suitable defense strategies suited to your circumstance.

Do not let a DUI sentence be a blot that stays on your record for many years to come. It is a mistake to face a DUI charge alone and not look for the support of a criminal defense attorney well versed in DUI law in South Carolina.

Is a DUI Lawyer Needed?

You’re not legally required to get an attorney to represent you, however it’s highly recommended that you do. The McMullen Law Firm will help you navigate your DUI case from starting to finish, from reviewing the evidence against you to obtaining your license back, negotiating with the prosecutor, and taking your case to trial if needed.

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